The design team at Studio M+ serves the needs of ideas worth spreading by using emerging digital media. Although it’s not easy to classify our design work, we brainstorm heavily with clients across various industries to understand their data collection and management goals and respond with creative innovative visualization solutions that meet their specific needs. We simply love drawing maps and converting piles of information and photographs into a visual format that is easy to digest, and we have the most fun in the world while doing it.

Real Estate Graphics

Studio M+ offers a range of 2-D and 3-D stacking plans for the real estate industry. We custom build our static illustrations and interactive maps, tailoring them to our clients’ needs. With our graphic solutions, our clients can showcase their properties in a data-rich graphic format.  Our staff can also gather, analyze and produce stunning visual graphics and reports to assist real estate investors. Additionally, we have the ability to supply customized data for New York City and other large metropolitan areas around the country.    

A 3-D Map of Class-A Office Buildings in Times Square

A series of maps showing developable/non-developable real-estate in the Upper West Side historic district

A 3-D map of Class A office space in East Midtown/Madison Avenue core

Architectural Infographics, Prototyping, and Modeling

For today’s architect and planner, it can be quite challenging to display large amounts of information in a reader-friendly fashion given the demands of visualizing information like local demographics, physical & environmental conditions, social media influence and undefined boundaries. However, Studio M+ staff loves to tackle big data and information sorting challenges. Put simply, provide us with sheets of data, and we will create stunning graphics to dynamically display your information.

Award-winning design project for Friends of the High-line in collaboration with Meta Brunzema Architects. Citation: Advisor Selection

An datascape demonstrating the two-way interaction between human behavior and financial markets 

Laser-cut acrylic model representing an alternative design for the Hudson Yards Re-zoning Project (in collaboration with Meta Brunzema Architects)

Volume of people traffic using Queens Plaza subway platform exits during peak hours on a given day in 2001

A comparative infographic of New York City skyscrapers performed as a supplemental zoning study for the Hudson Yards Rezoning Project (in collaboration with Meta Brunzema Architects)

A concept for end of life care produced for the Healthcare Chaplaincy's Hospice Project. The concept design was used to as a fundraiser to revitalize the hospice program. Please click here for the project video. 

Marketing Documents

Studio M+ is able to generate engaging marketing material that best communicates your ideas.  If you are in fundraising, events management, or product design, leave it to us to create the strategic visual tools needed to reach out to as many people as possible.

Signage for a local homemade eatery in Ankara, Turkey

Invitation Card for 007 Skyfall Screening After Party by Gordon Von Broock

Corporate Identity, Logo and Iconography Design

Studio M+ provides strategic visual design services to its wide range of clients. Our staff works with you around-the-clock to build a solid brand identity. As a boutique design studio, we offer corporate identity creation services including logo, iconography design, business cards, and stationary using visual and print media.

Corporate Logo Design for an Engineering Business

 Bottle Label for Homegrown Wine

Bottle Label for Homegrown Wine

Batman T-Shirt Design

Digital Photography

New York City Skyline from Dumbo, Brooklyn (results with HDR effect) 

Paupack, PA

Xcaret Park, Playa del Carmen

New York City Skyline from Cooper Hotel Rooftop

Video Production

Teaser for 2012 American Turkish Society Gala


Digital map of all listed shopping malls in Istanbul generated with data compiled from Wiki.
An interactive map of all bicycle accidents in New York City from 2011 to 2013 mapped in imaginary clusters. Each cluster in dark red color represents 50+ accidents. Data retrieved from NYPD report generated by John Krauss.
An interactive map of permissible new public housing units on existing NYCHA Sites.
An interactive map showing the cash revenue generated from parking violation fines from August through end of September 2013